Escapepolis Athens  
   Πελαγωνιας 6, Αθήνα (Δήμος), 10447 - Εμφάνιση Χάρτη

   80 Λεπτά
   2 - 5


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Not a good room. First of all and unfortunately it was dirty, with so much useless stuff laying around. Puzzles were observatory exclusively. You just had to spot things in the dark. GM did not let us try for the puzzles at all, just fed us the solutions immediately, defending their actions on later reservations that have to be let in. It is such a shame that escape rooms need to be escaped whatever the cost otherwise teams are left unsatisfied! This is why most rooms have an escape rate of 90% and over. Anyway, sadly, I did not enjoy!

 Jo Kitsaki,  8 Βαθμολογίες, Απέδρασαν, Αυγ 2021

Απάντηση από: Escapepolis Athens
Dear Jo Kistakis and Timos Valais, we are very sorry to hear you had such a unpleasant experience according to your sayings in one of Escapepolis Athens rooms. Escapepolis both in Gazi and Galatsi have one of the highest rankings regarding the hospitality and experience from players... Its very unfortunate to hear you had a different opinion.

We revised the video footage from your game.

You apologised for your delay and we were happy and able to accommodate you even with the delay.
You entered and started the game at 22.10 (starting slot for the game at 22:00) and we gave you an extra 25 minutes to complete the game.
Unfortunately sometimes teams find some rooms difficult and cannot click with the game.
We also revised our personnel hint choices and we totally agree with his actions. When a team is not achieving solving the Riddles, it is our job to give all the help needed in order for the team to progress and not to stuck in one riddle for the whole game... Unfortunately in your case we had to intervine more times than the usual. We do have check points in order not to bombard teams in the last minutes of the game.

So how the Game Master becomes the bad Game Master by giving you almost 30 minutes of extra play time?

I will have to disagree with you in one very serious matter and that's how dirty the room was. The room was checked as always and it was clean that's part of our procedures especially now with Covid 19 pandemic, we do that before the team enters in order to achieve the covid standards. So please be accurate on your behalf and do not post things that don't reach reality just to make impressions especially in these difficult Covid times.

Regarding the game... AVISSOS is a dark place indeed and the atmosphere requires that kind of environment... You are in an abandoned facility under water thousands of feet below sea level, you have the equipment with you in order to light where is necessary. The VFX and SFX give a full underwater experience second to none... At least in the Greek Escape room scene.

The scenery is made by top professionals in the field like all Escapepolis rooms and it was made in order to look old with water marks and rust in places in order to look like it was made out of steel from floor to ceiling with steel pipes and props that create THE ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT. Dirty in the way that you imply definitely NOT.

Did you confuse the scenery with dirt?

How about the almost extra 30 minutes of game time we gave you in order for you to complete you multiple riddles that require synchronisation by the team members, searching and combining hi tech clues alongside with state of the art visuals that are part of Riddles, in order to solve the puzzles and progress to next steps to complete game.

The variation of Riddles and tasks in Avissos is absolutely spot on as we did a large number of test runs from very experienced teams to secure that the flow of the game is before it was open to the public revised areas suggested and Finally the Riddles and experiences comply with the year 2021.

The whole game was played in Greek language, why the English review just wondering...

Anyway your review giving 1.8 /5 score does not reflect the game or Escapepolis services as an establishment we totally disagree with you and we thing it is unfair.

We like criticism good or bad. We dislike unfair and false statements.

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