Buried Alive

Fear Factor  
   Omiridou Skilitsi 14, Piraeus, 18532 - Show Map

  3 - 6 Players      Horror      Psychological Thriller      Live Actor
1 Hour and 50 Minutes
8.0 / 10.0


- Are you brave enough to go to the Smith house alone?! I'll bet you that you're crazy!

- Yes! If we have to go together, I'll go! - let's all go together tonight!

If you bet with your friends, it brings you in front of the door of the abandoned house of Smith....

Almost a century ago, the doctor's wife, Amelia, was found dead.
Rumor has it that she was buried alive as a result of a plot the couple set up which was never proven.

The sight they witnessed after her exhumation was hideous, her nails had almost pierced the wood that covered her and the woman was found face down in it.

The husband and child disappeared, the house was sealed, and they were never heard from again.

The locals, however, talk about a woman who often appears lost around the house looking for her child.

Will the bet pay off?

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