Bloodlines Escape Rooms  
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  3 - 6 Players      Horror      Psychological Thriller      Live Actor
1 Hour and 50 Minutes
8.0 / 10.0
Ελληνικά, English


Nuremberg, July 1, 1986, Germany. 23-year-old Emily Rose is found dead in her bed that morning. The night before, her last exorcism had taken place.

Since 1979 Emily has had various health problems. The diagnosis was epilepsy. She was given medication but her condition worsened.

By 1984 Emily's health had deteriorated to an extreme degree. In addition to seizures, she had been diagnosed with psychosis and depression, she couldn't stand up without help, and the medications she was taking didn't seem to be helping. She began to say that demons were speaking to her, she hurt herself and her family began to believe that she was possessed and asked the local priests for help. The Rituale Romanum or "Great Exorcism" began in 1985 and was done in utmost secrecy by Father Ernst and Pastor Carl when they managed to get permission to perform it from the bishop. Emily's face was distorted while her voice was altered.

A total of 67 sessions were held, one or two each week, lasting up to four hours. The last exorcism took place on the evening of June 30, 1986. The next day Emily was found dead.
The state charged Emily's parents and the two priests with negligent homicide. A few months after their sentencing, Emily's parents were found dead in the prisons where they were inmates.
About a year later the law firm you work for sends you to Emily's house to see if you can find some clues to what really happened.

Emily's uncle and aunt, convinced that her parents were wrongly convicted and that their deaths have something to do with what happened to her, reopen her case.

There awaits you the nun Rebecca Keler who was next to Emily in the last years of her life and lives upstairs from her house.

Will you manage to find out the truth?

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