The Rubicon

× The 4 + 1 Offer ENDED at 23/10/2021 since there are no more available Vouchers!
Admission is allowed to those who have a Vaccination Certificate (14 days after the second dose) or Rapid Test (48 hours) or PCR test (72 hours) or have a COVID disease certificate. Minors from 5 to 11 years old, can enter with self-control of the last twenty-four hours.


4.8 Excellent
154 Reviews
  90 Minutes
  2 - 4
  34.1 %
4 Trophies

A challenge that will prove who are the best. Are you one of them?

Offer: Pay 3 and get 1 Free: Play 3 out of 4 Rooms at The Rubicon (Hunger Fights, The Little Wizard, Sector B32, Exam) on the same day and play the fourth Free.

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