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Leonidas Glynos

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Nov - 2020

Please don’t hit me, there are only two steps

Creator: Δανιήλ Ορφανός (ρεαΛΗΣΤΕΣ)
Jun - 2020

It's Chess Time!

Apr - 2020

Up! Down! Left! The other Left!

Apr - 2020

Types faster than his/her shadow!

Mar - 2020

Κατάφερες να βρείς τον Δολοφόνο!

Mar - 2020
Mar - 2020

You managed to break the Password! Great!

Mar - 2020

Enjoy the Quarantine!

Creator: Sophia Kontiza
Mar - 2020

You played DMG2 and you want to remember it forever !!! This trophy was made for you!