Escapepolis Galatsi  
   Λεωφ. Βεΐκου 105, Galatsi, 11146 - Show Map

  2 - 6 Players      Live Actor      Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)      Action    Task Room
1 Hour and 20 Minutes
8.0 / 10.0
Ελληνικά, English


A trip in a parallel universe, starring you, a group of people-victims of a strange experimentalist working far beyond the scientific standards of our kind. Demanding missions put human nature in test, there are few margins of error, and only one door leading to freedom-or at least to what Dark Mirror presents as freedom…

The adventure starts with you and your group in a futuristic room of experiments, in preparation for your daily duties, with your memory suffering a total loss over the last few days. This is a nerve wracking routine: a series of special tests-missions to be carried out with precision, in order to activate a peculiar “scientific’’ challenge inspired by a mysterious experimentalist. His revelation will evoke thrilling questions and surprises. Every successful mission will bring you closer to your release…

Or will it not…? Could it all be an illusion? Will you manage to escape from the experimentalist’s sadist plans, through the unlocked door?

Will this move prove wise or, what looks as freedom is, in this time and place, a damnation?

Join this team, if you want to experience a body-mind challenge…and who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised…

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