Privacy has the right to keep records and process any personal data of the visitors of this site, as this is necessary for its proper operation and development, and may use it for advertising purposes. The main reason why we ask for your personal information is for managing your online reservations, sending Confirmation, Alternation, Cancelation and Review email for the service you booked, ensuring the best possible service and the security of your data. We also use your personal information to contact you and inform you of special and new offers.Your booking details are stored and communicated to the partner company to complete and manage your reservation. Additionally, for security reasons, we collect data regarding your computer such as your IP address, browser, and the language you used.

In addition, maintains a record of your cancellations and may inform the affiliates about an increased probability of cancellation based on your history. Accordingly, notification to our partners is made in the event of simultaneous / close reservation on more than one of our cooperating companies. These notifications are made in the context of improving service provision and preventing last-minute cancellation.

Third Party Service Providers: We may use service providers to process your personal data on our behalf. This processing is done for a variety of purposes, including sending promotional material. Third-party providers are bound by terms of confidentiality and may not use your personal data for other purposes.

Under European General Data Protection Regulation law (GDPR), we apply reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to and misuse of personal data.

At any time you have the option to exercise all the rights provided by the law regarding the processing of your personal data by sending your request using our Contact form.