Escapepolis Galatsi  
   Λεωφ. Βεΐκου 105, Galatsi, 11146 - Show Map

  2 - 4 Players
1 Hour and 10 Minutes
8.0 / 10.0
Ελληνικά, English


Manhattan, December 2019. A blood-thirsty, demonic spirit of Ancient Egypt occupies the elevator at 70 Pine street Tower. You and your companions get trapped, and soon face God Seth’s murderous intentions . And all this, in the shadow of an extremely mysterious murder. Use combinations, act fast and solve the mystery before you find yourselves among the victims of Seth…

Charles Peterson, Head of the Department of Egyptian antiquities of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, is found murdered in the elevator leading to his apartment, a penthouse in 70 Pine street tower. A few hours before, he was in the Museum, where preparations are being made for the exhibition on Egyptian god Seth. Among the exhibits are findings that recently came to light by a group of American archaeologists and historians, who have been studying for the last 15 years the worship impact of Seth on his faithful, as well as his metaphysical role in forming cultures of later generations.

In his apartment, Peterson keeps all documents for the exhibits arrangement . Without them, nothing can proceed, and the exhibition will fall to pieces. So they decide to reach the last floor and enter Peterson’s room, in order to find what they need. But during their ascent, their plans fall apart…

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