Escapepolis Galatsi  
   Λεωφ. Βεΐκου 105, Galatsi, 11146 - Show Map

  2 - 6 Players      Horror      Psychological Thriller      Live Actor      Adults Only
1 Hour and 40 Minutes
8.0 / 10.0
Ελληνικά, English


Phoenix, Arizona, 2019. The state is shocked at the consecutive abductions and findings of dismembered bodies. According to the local Authorities, a serial killer, is striking terror and agony in the local community. Nothing and no one seems able to stop him.

Phoenix, 1981. 6-year-old Thomas witnesses the cruel murder and dismemberment of his mother by his father, a butcher by profession. The killer becomes aware of his son’s presence and decides to lock him in the shop freezer together with the boy’s mother. Thomas, however, escapes, steals his father’s gun from the bedside table and manages to kill him.

The abhorrent story of 1981 revives today, 38 years later, bringing again little Thomas to the spotlight. He grew up to be the most ruthless serial killer of American crime history. No mercy, no regret , no guilt for his actions. His victims are both women and men. Women who are kidnapped and then murdered and dismembered, much to the delight of his ill imagination that seeks to create his mother’s figure again. As for men, they bring back memories from his father’s criminal past, which is a good enough reason to kill as many as he can… and in this way, to revenge on the person who took away his childhood joy!

You are his last victims, starring the last act of the drama. Your mission is to escape, before the Butcher stains with blood your abduction case. Remain calm and focused, for an experience that gets your adrenalin going! But, hurry up, Thomas will not show mercy when he meets you…

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