Pure Soul !!

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Pure Soul !!
Pure Soul !!

Congratulations! You resisted the 7 deadly sin and you won 20% discount for your Room at Escape Land!!

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#   Full Name
1 Ταξιαρχης Πετρου Ταξιαρχης Πετρου
2 Dimitris Liont Dimitris Liont
3 Dimitris Dimopoulos Dimitris Dimopoulos
4 Constantinos Dionysopoulos Constantinos Dionysopoulos
5 Βασιλικη Ταμπακακη Βασιλικη Ταμπακακη
6 Νίκος  Πάτας Νίκος Πάτας
7 Giwrgos Stavrou Giwrgos Stavrou
8 Sophia Kontiza Sophia Kontiza
9 Giwrgos Stavrou Giwrgos Stavrou