EXAM Easter Eggs

EXAM Easter Eggs
EXAM Easter Eggs

You got out of the EXAM, but how many Easter Eggs you manage to reveal? The names you came accross during your challenge might hide more than meets the eye!

Status: Active

Users that Got It!
Percentage of Users that Got it: 0.15%

#   Full Name
1 John Var John Var
2 Μαυρίδου Αναστασία Μαυρίδου Αναστασία
3 Panos Kosmas Panos Kosmas
4 Grigoris Chamogeorgakis Grigoris Chamogeorgakis
5 Natasa Kar Natasa Kar
6 Dionisis Ktistopoulos Dionisis Ktistopoulos
7 Christos Mouroukis Christos Mouroukis
8 Vissarion Arhs Mouroukis Vissarion Arhs Mouroukis
9 Νίκος Παπαγεωργόπουλος Νίκος Παπαγεωργόπουλος
10 Χριστίνα  Ζαβλανού Χριστίνα Ζαβλανού