Super Fast

Super Fast
Super Fast

You managed to Escape in less than an hour.

Company: EXITUS
Room: The Cursed Doll
Status: Active

Users that Got It!
Percentage of Users that Got it: 0.11%

#   Full Name
1 Μυρτα Δαλακλη Μυρτα Δαλακλη
2 Γιάννης Γκάντσιος Γιάννης Γκάντσιος
3 Dimitris  Gkouziotis Dimitris Gkouziotis
4 Nina Karanikita Nina Karanikita
5 Giannis Mastrokalos Giannis Mastrokalos
6 Konstantinos Τ Konstantinos Τ
7 Βασίλης  Αθανασόπουλος Βασίλης Αθανασόπουλος